Why this program?

The 2020 pandemic of Covid-19 has brought on many extra stressors and challenges to people of all ages.  Kids and Teens are not exempt from this stress. Besides being abruptly separated from their school schedules and friends, youth have had to navigate how to complete their school work from home & stay socially connected. All of these things can create a lot of loneliness and uncertainty, which may lead to depression and anxiety.   


In addition, we know that our kids use school settings and peer interactions to help them develop their identities as they move closer to adulthood.  The many opportunities that they have every day to make decisions on their own, without a parent looking over their shoulder or giving input or direction, happens in their interactions at school with friends and teachers, or at their after school jobs or activities.  With so much physical and social distancing, it takes more work to keep up relationship connections.  It can be easier to isolate and start to feel lonely.  It can also be easier for kids and teens to feel uncertain about any interactions they have on social media because they cannot hear tone of voice and see facial expressions and hand gestures.  This can lead kids to lose confidence in their ability and willingness to stay connected through social media and in other online platforms.


This program is a partnership with Kara Schmidt and her business, So IN Body and Southern Indiana Community Health Care our local community health care center, which has four locations in Southern Indiana - Paoli, West Baden, English and Marengo. Through March 2021, Kara and SICHC will work together to provide quality online content for the youth of Orange and Crawford Counties (and beyond!).  The objective is to give tools and resources for youth to help manage their stress related to the changes and uncertainties, worries and possible fears that may have come about because of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Through mindfulness, meditation & breathing exercises, yoga & mindful movement, affirmations, and guided imagery - we hope youth and their families can find ways to help regulate their strong emotions and feel more of a sense of peace within and with each other.  

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