So IN Body offers
E-Learning, & Virtual Classes

Supportive Self-Care through:
Stress/Anxiety Reduction
Mindfulness & Nervous System Regulation Techniques
Movement & Yoga

From your home, if that suits you best. 
For people of all ages, sizes, and abilities.

We offer Movement Education 

While you will build strength and mobility in your body through any of our yoga and movement classes, our focus at So IN Body is not just on fitness.  Our instructors are movement and mindfulness educators.  If you are only looking for a work-out class, this may not be the studio for you.  We use our class time and our monthly subscriptions as a way to educate YOU, the participant, on your body and on movement.  This approach gives you options, and also increases your confidence and competence within your own body movement.  Rather than it being a "monkey see, monkey do" class, we invite you in each class to apply what you are learning  so that you can make the best choices for your own body both on the mat and off.  


Right now, all of our classes are hybrid which means that you can participate in any of our classes either online via Zoom, or in-person at the studio.  

How Payments and Subscriptions Work

Virtual Workout

Take class online from your home or office.












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Join us in the studio!
















Fun at Yoga

What if you miss a class?


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Virtual Classes

  • Before a month begins, you will decide which class time you will be attending throughout the entire month. Here is the current schedule of classes.

  • If this is your first time signing up for a Zoom class, please email Kara to let her know that you will need a Zoom link for your class. Kara's email is

  • If you are meeting us virtually, please download zoom:

  • 5-10 minutes before your class begins, go to the email from Kara that includes the Zoom link.  Click on the link and join the class!

  • If you have any issues or questions, text Kara at 574-536-4407.


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In Person Classes

  • Before a month begins, you will decide which class time you will be attending throughout the entire month. See our class offerings here:

  • For In-person classes you can pay at the studio in cash, check or card, or online.

  • To pay online, create an account and book your class directly through the website.

  • See this page for our pricing plans.

  • If you want to pay at the studio, please email Kara at to let her know which classes you will be attending.  Then you can just show up 5-10min before class to take care of payment.

  • If this is your first time to the studio, please find info and directions on our Contact Page.

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 Missed Class Policy

  • If you miss a class, a recording of the class will be provided for you to "make-up" your class.  Sometimes you can come to another class during the same month as your make-up, but this needs to be arranged with Kara ahead of time.

  • To get a recording of any classes you miss, contact Kara at

  • We ask that you see your subscriptions as a commitment to attend all of the classes within that month, like you would pay tuition for a college class.  Because of this, unless there are extenuating circumstances, we do not allow for classes to be transferred to the following month.  Right now, as a small studio in a small town, this is the only way to be sustainable.  We guarantee you are getting high quality instruction from well-trained instructors, as well as a vibrant and welcoming community of people to practice with.