Chair Movement & Yoga
This class is accessible for most people of any ability.  These classes will teach you how to gain both strength and flexibility with the use of a chair.  Some poses will be sitting on the chair, while others will be standing (for those who can stand), using the chair for support.  This class is perfect if you have a hard time getting down and up off of the ground, if you are in a wheelchair, if you have trouble balancing while standing, if you have limited strength and flexibility and want to work slowly on both maintaining and building your mobility and strength, or if you want to learn some tools to stay flexible while sitting in a chair at school or the office.  Classes will focus on mobility, strength, breath, & mindfulness.  This class is not currently offered on a regular basis at
So IN Body.  Check out for current Chair Classes.
Intro to Movement & Yoga
This class is geared toward those new to yoga and movement classes, who are looking for a slow, gentle way to increase joint mobility and muscular flexibility and strength.  This class works methodically and progressively to teach you the foundational movements & poses (asana) of yoga, but also incorporates principles of the functional, biomechanic movements of the body.  We recommend starting with this class if you are new to yoga or if you are a repeat student who is interested in having a better understanding of how functional movements of your body support a safe and healthy yoga practice, as well as movement in your daily life.  Classes will include a time of a centering check-in at the beginning, breath awareness & a short relaxation & check-in at the end.
Mixed Level Mobility & Strength
This class builds on the Intro Class described above.  The name and intention of this class has been born out of Kara's years of movement experience - from dance, to yoga, to running, to acrobatics.  While this class is heavily inspired by yoga, it will also include movements & exercises from a variety of disciplines including strength training, pilates, myofascial release, somatic awareness, dance, and more.  Healthy tissue requires a diverse array of movements.  Healthy brains & nervous systems require practices of mindfulness and intentional action.  This class combines mindfulness with a diversity of movements and techniques that build strength and mobility in a way that is intended to be fun, safe & sustainable as you mature in your body & your practice.  Expect that we will use lots of props (weights, bands, therapy balls & all of the yoga props), as well as tools of intention and mindfulness to access power and mastery in relationship with our bodies.  This class is Mixed Level and geared toward those with some experience with movement &/or yoga.  However, the poses & movements in this class can be modified for almost any body & ability.  Please talk with the instructor if you have questions.
Intermediate Mobility & Strength 
This class builds on the Mixed Level Class described above.  Movements become more challenging & more complex in this class.  There is an increased focus on strengthening the body and mind in a way that is functional, while also emphasizing playfulness!  We recommend that you have taken 3-6 months of the Mixed Level Class before joining this class.  But if you think you're ready, we invite you to jump in and see if it's a good fit for you!
Gentle Restorative & Yin Yoga
This class heals and nurtures the body, especially the nervous system, through slow, gentle movement and poses.  Restorative Yoga Poses use props to mold and hold the body in a gentle stretch for 5-20 min at a time.  These classes may also include other gentle stretches and movements, as well as yin yoga poses or the use of therapy balls to help with myofascial tissue release.  This class is suitable for most any level, however you must be able to get down on the floor. 
Stretching & Myofascial Release Techniques
This class will focus on different areas of the body each week using tennis balls and/or other therapy balls on soft tissues of the body to invite release of patterns of holding, tightness and tensions.  We will also do yin and restorative yoga poses, using props to make sure the body is supported while we hold the poses fro 3-10 min in a relaxed way. This class is not currently offered on a weekly basis at So IN Body.   
Slow Flow Vinyasa Yoga
This class is a slower paced Vinyasa Yoga class.  Vinyasa Yoga is typically a class that is built around a sequence of poses called the Sun Salutation.  It begins with centering/check-in and some warm ups, and then progressively moves into sun salutations, flowing from one pose to the next.  In the Slow Flow, the sequence is slowed down and backed off somewhat to allow for more time to adjust to each pose/movement.  There may also be a pause or two in the class to offer a "pose tutorial", giving some more in depth instruction for certain poses/movements.  Like all of our other classes, breath awareness will be emphasized, and the class will end with a time of relaxation/check-in.
Power Vinyasa Yoga
This class is a more dynamic, quicker paced, very athletic class compared to the Slow Flow Vinyasa Class.  This class is for students with previous experience with Vinyasa Yoga and is not recommended for beginners or those with injuries or pain.    Please attend some of our other classes for 3-12 months and have a discussion with one of the instructors before you attend this class.
Meditation & Mindfulness
Meditation and Mindfulness Practices are imperative to our mental & emotional health and well-being.  Each movement class emphasizes present-moment awareness, and includes tools for cultivating mindfulness as we practice yoga and movement.
Meditation and mindfulness courses are coming soon.