You are a collection of stories.  These stories make you, you.

Your Family & Ancestral Stories

Your Body Stories

Your Stories about your health, weight, sexuality, food, emotions.

And so many more!

Everyone is made up of their own collection of stories.

You are your own labryinth of sorts.  

An intersection of race, ethnicity, gender identity, beliefs, values.  

You are layered and complex.

There is no "black and white" in the experience of being human.

At So IN Body, we recognize that each person is on their own journey of self-discovery and transformation.  Each individual comes with their own host of stories, and their own intentions for emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health.

Therefore, we honor each person and ask you to bring your whole self to your practice of movement and mindfulness, self-discovery and transformation.

We invite you to

Start Where You Are.

Thick, Thin, Fat, Strong, Weak, Tired, Overwhelmed, Stiff, Flexible, Old, Young.

Black, Brown, White, Yellow, Tan.  Gay, Straight, NonBinary, Trans, Bi, Queer, Cis.

Atheist, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish, Republican, Democrat, Liberatarian, ETC.

We all have a body and a mind.  

We all have emotions.

And it is the birthright of EVERY human...

To move, To feel, and To belong in our bodies & in this world.

No matter our complexities, our stories, our traumas, our flaws, our differences.

This said, we recognize that for many, this is not their experience because of  a variety of inequalities and oppressions that exist in the world because of skin color, religion, gender identity & sexual orientation.  

Movement has the ability to transform, to heal, to awaken us.  

All of our stories are held in our body - the joyful stories, the sad stories, the scary stories, the traumatic stories, the stories of strength, the stories of pain.

To gain access to the stories that have gotten stuck, that have lost their voice and their expression, we must move, we must allow ourselves to feel.

This takes courage.  But we, YOU, are stronger than you realize.  And movement gives you greater access to feeling your strength.

But to give our our bodies movement is to