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What is Mindfulness?

We all react differently to stressful situations whether it’s a physical response or an emotional outburst. Lets face it, stress can cause each one of us to lose it sometimes!  We can all learn to control how we react by applying mindfulness.


Mindfulness is the act of bringing awareness to the present moment by acknowledging and accepting thoughts, feelings and sensations in the body. It's about paying attention to what is happening right here, right now, in the present moment - in your body & in your mind.


This practice of being mindful can give you the space you need to make better decisions for more positive outcomes.

How can Mindfulness help me?

Mindfulness can support and sustain you, by helping you manage the stress of today’s world.


Mindfulness has been shown to have a positive impact on stress, attention, and even relationships.


The American Psychological Association shares research on a range of benefits of mindfulness, including:

  • stress reduction

  • boosts to working memory

  • focus

  • less emotional reactivity

  • more cognitive flexibility

  • relation satisfaction

All of the above statements are direct quotes from www.mindfulschools.org.

Mindfulness can also...

  • help you slow down and feel calm

  • help you learn better

  • help you feel more confident

  • help you be more compassionate and empathetic toward yourself and others

  • help build kindness, gratitude and generosity

Would you like to try it?

Below are some videos to get you started.

More videos can be found on my channel HERE.

Mindfulness of Sound

for Elementary Age Kids

Mindfulness of Sound for

Pre-teens, Teens and Adults

Enjoy these  short videos about Mindfulness

The following video "Into Light" is approximately 14min.

The short film is about Four Teens who use

Mindfulness to Battle Depression.

A Bedtime Mindfulness Exercise