10 Well-Being Tips

Full Article by Pelin Kesebir, Assistant Scientist at the Center for Healthy Minds


The following are direct quotes from the article (click link above for the full article from Center for Healthy Minds.)

1. Acknowledge your negative emotions and accept their right to exist, but do not feed them.

2. Remember that you are not alone in your worries.

3. Find ways to experience positive emotions—emotions such as equanimity, joy, gratitude and love.

4. As in all situations involving uncertainty, it is essential to focus on the present and on what is under our control.

5. Realize that spending a lot of time on the media will potentially hurt you more than it will help. Concentrate on your own agenda and on parts of your life that you can control.

6. To the extent you can, aim to exude calmness and fortitude.

7. One of the biggest antidotes to anxiety is taking action and moving towards our goals. Set goals for yourself.

8. Ask yourself what you can do in order to help others.

9. Keep in mind that everything that is good for our bodies is also good for our minds. Take good care of your body.

10. Do not lose sense of perspective. Remember that even the most unfavorable situations in life may contain the seeds of something positive.

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