COVID-19: Live from Your Heart

Hello You Wondrous, Big-Hearted Friends.

I am thinking about you all, and all of us on this planet, feeling the realness of our connection.  Our self-centered ego brain space will continue to try to take us into irrational fear and panic - and me, me, me. (I NEED more toilet paper!) 

But underneath that, if we listen and pay attention, our hearts are calling, tugging at us to remember that the irrational fear, anxiety and panic aren't the only realities we have to live.

We have an opportunity to step into something bigger.  Step into the truth that we are sharing a planet & breathing the same air, that we are more the same than we are different, that we all deserve a basic human dignity & respect, that we all experience suffering, and we are all fragile. Through our willingness to feel all of that, we will feel a deep connectedness that calls us into compassion - filling our lives with a fullness and richness that can't be fulfilled by hoarding hand sanitizer.

It's okay to feel fear and anxiety - that is a normal stress response to what is happening.  (Thank your nervous system for doing it's job in trying to keep you safe!)  But we don't have to let the anxiety bully us into meanness and greed.  Our human heart (emotional space) is full of potential for opening, wisdom, compassion, generosity, and love- Christ teaches us that. This doesn't mean giving up our logic. We need to seriously listen to the experts/scientist and to medical & public health professionals about how we should best contain the spread of this virus!  (Please continue to take social distancing seriously - your own life and the lives of others depend on it.  This is compassion in action.)

We can use our brains in a healthy, balanced way.  Mindfulness asks us to use our heads/brains, but from a place that is connected to our hearts.  When we shut down our hearts,  it is way more challenging to make wise decisions that consider the bigger picture, the long-game, and the further reaching implications.  It's not always easy to do, but with practice, it does get easier.  And can you imagine a world where people are able to stop and breathe and think about being compassionate toward self and others before taking the next action (shopping, traveling, working, etc)?  We are being given a huge opportunity right now to live from the heart (while STAYING AT HOME as much as we can!)

Taking time to calm and de-stress is very important right now - as stress is one of the things that can significantly impact our immune system response (in a negative way).

Moving your body, being mindful, breathing and finding ways to connect with other people, even if you are not physically together, is so important to keep your nervous system (mental health and stress management) and your immune system healthy and strong.   Here's what Harvard Medical School has to say about this:

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I will be posting regular videos on Instagram (@soinbody) and Facebook with tools and tips for mindfulness, movement and bringing your nervous system back into your "window of tolerance".  I also have put some free resources on my website:

If there is any other way that I can support you during this time (from afar), please let me know.  I can run errands, or make deliveries as needed.

Sending you a huge virtual hug from my heart to yours.

Stay well, Feel your heart, Stay away from others as much as possible.  We can get through this - together.



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