COVID-19 Tips for Your Health : Making a Retreat of Your Life

Hello.  We are in some strange times right now.  It is more important than ever that we find, learn and practice ways to keep ourselves (and therefore others) healthy during these uncertain times where stress/worry/anxiety levels are heightened. We can choose to make this a time to Make A Retreat of Our Lives.

There are some tried and true ways to keep our immune system strong while we practice social distancing. And there are other things that I have my opinions about. See below for both to help you cultivate Self-Care (in the name of Community Care!) in the weeks to come...

Low to Moderate Movement on a Regular Basis.  Really strong, aggressive movements can stress the system in a way that is unhealthy and actually creates a situation where the immune system in negatively affected.  But gentle to moderate movement 5-7 days a week is very good for keeping our bodies and minds healthy and well. Check out these free resources, plus my Instagram @soinbody and Facebook page.

Lymphatic Drainage.  Skin Brushing, regular walks, breathing well, and gentle to moderate movements and stretches for the neck area, armpit/shoulder area, and groin/hip area are very good ways to keep the lymph moving.  The lymph is intimately interconnected with our immune system.  And the lymph does not have an internal pump like the heart does, so we have to move our muscles and breath to keep the lymph from stagnating, especially where we have the most lymph glands (neck, armpits, groin). Lymphatic Drainage Massage and other forms of bodywork also help with keeping the lymph from getting stagnant.

Relaxation/Down-Regulation/Calming/Grounding/Settling.  Mindfulness Techniques.  Mindfulness, relaxation, meditation and certain breath techniques can help us calm down, recenter, and feel grounded again.  Stress is one of the biggest factors in depletion of our immune response.  Learning and practicing tools to help down-regulate your nervous system is imperative to staying strong mentally/emotionally and physically!

Nervous System Regulation Techniques.  There are certain movements that can be helpful for re-regulating your nervous system.  I will share some with you in the coming days/weeks.

COREGULATION.  Find ways to connect with others.  Be creative.  Connecting with others is one of the best ways we keep our nervous systems regulated (handle the stress we are feeling).  Physical isolation does not have to mean emotional isolation.  Reach out.  Take an online class that you can interact.  Talk on the phone.  Set up a google hangout or FaceTime call with one or more people.  This is SO Important.

Drink Water.  Stay hydrated and help flush out toxins, etc.  Drink lots of water!

Consider...Vitamin C, Zinc, Colloidial Silver, Neti Pot.  These are not guarantees, but taking vitamins/supplements to help enhance your immune system is a good idea right now.  Just don't overdo it as too many vitamins/supplements can be hard for the body to process which can affect our digestion and immune system in a negative way.  Be smart and listen to your body.

Digestive System Health.  Our digestive system health is a huge determinant of our immune system health.  Use this extra time at home, if you have it, to eat well.  Lots of fruits and veggies, whole grains, legumes, healthy animal proteins.  Limit inflammatory foods and drinks like coffee, alcohol, sugar, red meat, gluten/wheat, dairy.  Add in foods with probiotics like fermented veggies (kim chi, sauerkraut, etc)

WASH YOUR HANDS.  And do your best to limit physical contact and closeness with people outside of those you live with.

Stay healthy, strong, well.

Be compassionate to yourself and others.

Practice patience. Breathe.

This will pass - how quickly/slowly and how tragically (or not) is up to each of us - make responsible choices that consider yourself AND others.

Much Love,


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