Normal is Gone

Normal is gone.

That is what is on my mind right now; what I'm trying to sit with and surrender to.

I know people want to get back to "normal",

but my contemplation right now is...

Is that what we really want? Is that I want for my own life?

Is that what will serve our communities, this country, our world?

The curtain is pulled back right now giving us the opportunity to see more clearly - ourselves, our own patterns, addictions, past & present priorities, our health systems, our economic systems, our food systems, our social systems, our voting systems.

So those of you/us who have the privilege to do so, I invite you to contemplate with me.

What was "normal" and how much of it do I really want back?

Which parts of normal do I want to hold onto, and which ones do I want to let go of?

May we continue to find ways to grieve what we have already had to let go of.

May we have the strength and willingness to truly

grieve how much more will change and die in the weeks and months to come.

May we make space for some new, surprising and beautiful things to arise from the change and from our collective loss & grief, something that is rooted in

resilience & sustainability in communities.

It's gonna be a process. It will take time. Hang in there. #together

These thoughts have been inspired by this article:

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