Private Sessions

So IN Body offers a variety of options for private instruction, which can be beneficial for those:

  • Who are unsure about whether they are ready for a group class due to stiffness, injury, or pain

  • Who can't attend a the times that group classes are offered

  • Who want to learn some of the basics before attending with a group

  • Who want to deepen their practice and/or customize a yoga, strength, flexibility or movement session for their particular needs or goals.

  • Who cannot attend at the studio for whatever reason and would like to have an instructor come to their home or workplace 

  • Who are planning birthday parties or other celebrations!

I have experience with group privates and one-on-ones both at my studio and at various locations.  I have offered workplace yoga at in our area at French Lick Resort and Throop Elementary in Paoli.  I have taught in churches, gyms, on the beach, at camping shelters, and in huge conference rooms filled with hundreds of people.  I believe yoga, movement and mindfulness should be and is accessible to anyone who is breathing, able to follow basic instructions, and is open to trying.  

Please contact Kara at or 574-536-4407 if you are looking for information about or cost of any of the following:

  • Individual Private Instruction

  • Group Private Instruction 

  • Workplace Classes

  • Thai Yoga Bodywork Sessions