"Kara is amazing!  Yoga has changed my life. I have chosen this as a form of self care for myself and am learning mindfulness. I would recommend So in Body! There’s a class for everyone. I’m so happy I began this journey for myself. "

- Nicole Shalkowski

“The light and joy that emanates from Kara while she teaches empowers her students to discover both the internal and external  beauty of their yoga practice. I am grateful to have reconnected with Kara during a pandemic, and it continues to be part of my journey!”

- Theresa, Chicago, IL

"I started attending Kara's classes at SoINBody in May 2021.  I was very nervous to attend a Yoga class as I'm out of shape, and I have had a previous foot surgery that makes any exercise difficult at times.  But I knew that I needed to take better care of myself.  I came to my first class and felt completely at ease.  Kara makes sure we know that we are to listen to our own bodies, and do what feels right for us.  There is no right or wrong way to do the moves in her classes.  Now the 2.5 hours I am in Kara's classes each week have become my favorite times of the week.  My overall wellness has improved since starting her classes, body, mind, and spirit.  I appreciate Kara and the entire energy she brings, alongside her little slice of heaven here in Southern Indiana.  I am so thankful that I made myself go to that first class, and I am even more thankful that I can be me, without judgement, fear, and that I have found a place where I feel loved and valued no matter what.  It's more than just Yoga, it's overall well-being!  Kara is a true blessing!"  

- Erin Stennett, BSW