Kara Schmidt



Kara Schmidt is a body practitioner and mindfulness advocate from Paoli, Indiana.  She has been practicing since 1996 and teaching since 2000.

She is a trained instructor for youth, pre-postnatal, AcroYoga, yin, restorative, vinyasa & hatha yoga and mindful movement, including Mindfulness Techniques and Movement for Trauma.   Kara is also a Thai Yoga Bodywork practitioner.  She has taught a spectrum of body movement and yoga styles throughout the country, with businesses based in Goshen, IN, Chicago, IL, and now Paoli, IN.  Kara's commitment is to bring evidence-based mindfulness techniques to her community with the intention of helping people feel healthier and happier both mentally and physically.  Her current study is focused specifically in Movement for Chronic Stress & Trauma and Mindfulness for Schools.

Kara moved back to her hometown of Paoli in 2015 with her husband, Andy Gerber. Passionate about old buildings and creative spaces, they bought an old tomato cannery warehouse and now spend much of their time working to bring life back to the property. In the future, they envision having a space for community gathering through music, food, and art events.  This is where Kara now teaches classes.

Besides spending time at Tomato Products Company, Kara also loves being involved in the community through volunteer work including helping organize PaoliFest, being the Exec Director of Black Vulture Project, a local nonprofit community organization and being on the steering committee for Thrive Orange County, a local nonprofit committed to becoming a Trauma-Informed county and growing a safe, stable, nurturing community for all.


Katarina Koch


I first started practicing yoga in 2003 as a highschool student in my hometown, Crown Point, IN. I feel lucky to have learned the principles of yoga, breathing, and movement at an early age. It has shaped who I am today by  integrating awareness into other areas of my life. As a teacher, I am here to create space for people to feel empowered within their own bodies, share my journey with others and strengthen my practice.

I made Paoli my home in 2017 and work full time as a grant writer and development manager of Southern Indiana Community Health Care. You can find me engaged in many areas of the community like Lost River Community Cooperative and the Orange County Health Coalition. I spend my free time walking and hiking in the beautiful forests of southern Indiana with my two dogs. 


Joanna Receuver Woodsmall


Joanna’s interest in massage and bodywork began in 1989 when she received training in Reiki I and II, which was complemented by Human Anatomy and Physiology courses at Jefferson Community College and Indiana University in Bloomington.  In 1996 she joined Bloomington Massage Therapy where she practiced until the fall of 1999 and eventually became a licensed massage and bodywork therapist. In 2015, Joanna received certification in the highly specialized modality of Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy and it has become the mainstay of her bodywork practice.  She describes herself as a “lymph nerd.” Joanna’s commitment to cultivating health and wellness is rounded out by teaching yoga, particularly restorative yoga.


The manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) technique is a gentle hands-on method to increase lymphangiomotoricity (the rate at which the lymph flows through the body.) Stimulating the lymphatic system encourages the body to detoxify, drain stagnant fluids, regenerate tissues, and support the immune system. Manual drainage aids this process because the lymphatic system relies on small muscular contractions to move lymph fluids rather than a pumping system like that of blood.  

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Rhonda Lindsey Orr


My name is Rhonda Lindsey Orr and I am a native of French Llck.  I returned here in 2011 to live on and now operate our family farm along with my husband Danny.  I also represent clients in the real estate market as Owner/Broker of RLO Properties.  After graduating from IU in 1983 and University of Indianapolis in 1992 I worked and raised my family in Indianapolis for nearly 30 years.  A former aerobics instructor, runner, hiker, Pilates teacher and long time yoga practitioner I have engaged in all sorts of movement throughout my life beginning with high school athletics transitioning along the way how I move and care for myself to adjust to the changing needs of my body.  I recently decided to learn more about yoga both for my own personal practice, to instruct with SOINbody and to share yoga with others in my community during the winter months when I am away in Florida.  I love what Kara has brought to our local community via SOINbody and hope I can assist her in both growing her business and my own practice.  My passions are traveling the world and spending time with my family both of which require me to be able to move well which I suppose I would also count as a passion of mine.  


Sarah Bostock Hess



I started practicing yoga on my own at 17 years old in the mid 90's just as yoga was slowly gaining recognition in the Western world,  I was drawn toward not only the postures, but something deeper I knew my mind and body resonated with through the images portrayed of yoga in books and magazines.  

At young age, I was introduced to the importance of the breath, movement, meditation, compassion, and other branches of yoga that would set the groundwork for the significance of yoga in my life today. I continued the study of yoga on my own for around 18 years, at this time loss, grief, and trauma would suddenly impact my life. I could never explain the gratitude and love I have for yoga and for the space it held for me for all those years prior to that life altering moment, the years that  followed, and the space it continues to hold every day. It is the many aspects of yoga that I continually come back to for stillness, healing, strength, and an unconditional self love I have learned to accept through the practice of yoga. It was during my time of grief Kara moved back to Paoli and began holding regular yoga classes. Over the last 3 years, with Kara's extensive knowledge of yoga, I have been able to dive deeper in to my own yoga practice. I am currently enrolled in School of Living Yoga's Teacher Training Program and fulfilling my dream of teaching and sharing  yoga with others.


Outside of Yoga, my professions include being a  nurse and Usui Reiki Master. I am married and have 3 amazing kids that keep me on the go with school and sports. I love animals, enjoy being outside in nature, art, boating on the lake, spending time with the wonderful women in my life. I love to learn as much as I can about anything that peaks my curiosity.. such as healing herbs/plants, astrology, astronomy, sharks, surfing, science, psychology, energy, spirituality, and a multitude of other random hows and whys.


I look forward to sharing my yoga journey with fellow teachers, the community, this World.

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