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Meet Kara

Hello!  I'm Kara.  I am the founder of So IN Body, located in Paoli, Indiana.​

My Yoga Beginnings...

My first experience with yoga was in 1996, after I returned from a college term in the Dominican Republic.  While I was away, my boyfriend (now my husband), began doing yoga with a video as part of his training for a marathon.  His mom gave him the video.  I immediately was interested in trying it and started using his video to practice.

The reasons that I began to do yoga were multifaceted.  I was 22 at the time, and had been diagnosed with depression a few years before during my first year of college. I had struggled with depression, anxiety, intense self-criticism, and perfectionism all through high school, and all of those things were highly triggered in my first year of college.


Although I did take medication when needed, I continued to look for a variety of ways to support my mental health, including spiritual practices, spending time in nature, and some exercise.  At that time I also used alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine and emotional eating as some of my main coping mechanisms. 

In early 1997, I had dropped out of college (which I finished later), and I was working at a Natural Foods Co-op in Goshen, Indiana.  I was desperately seeking for peace within myself.  One day on the bulletin board at the store I worked at, I saw a flyer for yoga classes being offered in the next town over (Elkhart, about 20min drive).  I also saw a flyer for Tai Chi classes.  I wanted to take them both, but didn't have the money, so I decided to start with yoga.  ​


I was hooked. And I never did try the Tai Chi classes.

I remember driving away from my yoga class each week feeling more at peace with myself and life....more at home in my own skin...more grounded and centered.

That was over 24 years ago.

If you would like to know more about my training & experience, please click on the button below.

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